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Voices in the Night: Women Speaking about Incest

NCJ Number
T McNaron, Y Morgan
Date Published
187 pages
A collection of writings by women who have survived incest is presented.
Current studies indicate that approximately one out of every three girl children experiences sexual abuse in her family. The practice of incest is very old and has been labeled a taboo. Given the patriarchal system, it stands to cruel reason that fathers and other adult males act on any feelings of power they have toward their daughters, no matter how defenseless their victims may be. Those same fathers then silence their victims by such overt means as threatening severe punishments and by covert means as appeals to family loyalty. The effects on incest survivors may be alienation from their parents, a belief that they are "evil," intense anger, and self-hatred. Often incest leads to destructive behavior such as alcoholism and/or drug abuse, prostitution and/or sexual promiscuity within relationships unaccompanied by cash payments. Incest is an early and very effective behavioral training in powerlessness and subservience. These innovative writings represent a step to bring incest out into the open and to present a forum for discussion and action.


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