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Understanding Today's Police, Third Edition

NCJ Number
M. L. Dantzker
Date Published
447 pages
This book discusses the development and function of policing and its prospects for the future.
Chapter 1 describes the police role in society, including conflicts, development, and controlling the police role. Chapter 2 describes policing from a systems perspective. This includes local, State, Federal, internal, and interacting with the rest of the criminal justice system. Chapter 3 discusses the function, organization, and delivery of the patrol division. The types and effectiveness of patrol are also discussed. In chapter 4, criminal investigations and other support units are detailed. Chapter 5 focuses on organization and management, including accountability, and policy issues. Police and the law are the focus of chapter 6. Specifically, the chapter discusses criminal laws, the Constitution, civil liability, corruption, and ethics. Chapter 7 discusses the use of discretion in such situations as domestic disturbances, minor misdemeanors, use of force, traffic enforcement, and the provision of services. Also discussed are the myth of police discretion, the sources of discretion, and control of discretion. Chapter 8 describes police relations to the community, including current public opinion, interactions with specific groups, perceptions of police street behavior and police administration, and the media. Community-oriented policing is described in chapter 9. Chapter 10 discusses the recruitment, selection, and training of police officers. Chapter 11 focuses on women police officers and obstacles and barriers to women in policing. The personality of police officers, including their personality traits, attitude, stress, subculture, and styles, is described in chapter 12. Chapter 13 discusses current and future issues of policing, including use of force, infectious diseases, legalities, technology, and policing as a profession. 62 references, index