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NCJ Number
T Alvarez
Date Published
129 pages
This book, written by an experienced undercover narcotics officer, discusses the principles of all phases of undercover narcotics investigations.
The opening chapter provides general comments on the nature of undercover operations. It notes that undercover operations will have a high failure rate in spite of the undercover operator's expertise, planning, and investigative work; this is due to the many variables and unpredictable circumstances that can obstruct the plan. The chapter on mental preparedness addresses the importance of planning, motivation, the will to survive, alertness to danger signs, and the ability to adjust to changing circumstances. A major section of this chapter discusses preparation for the undercover role and investigation. The third chapter delineates the various responsibilities and activities of the case agent, the supervisor, and the undercover officer. Other topics discussed in this chapter are informant debriefing and the parameters set by the supervisor. The next chapter focuses on the game or operational plan, which the author advises is the most important part of an undercover operation. The importance of a detailed written game plan is emphasized. Topics to be covered in the game plan include suspect background, suspect vehicles, safety gear, deployment, the informant's role, signals, and an alternative game plan. Remaining chapters discuss the following topics: the money "flash," the operations list, informants, reverses, various levels of undercover operations, drug legalization, and drug abuse by employees in private industry.