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Treating Sex Offenders: A Guide to Clinical Practice with Adults, Clerics, Children, and Adolescents, Second Edition

NCJ Number
William E. Prendergast Ph.D.
Date Published
340 pages
This clinical practice guide integrates adolescent and adult sex offenders and emphasizes similarities as well as differences in their personalities, their behaviors, and their treatment in order to better understand, treat, and reduce reoffending sex abusers.
This second edition on treating sex offenders updates the original or first edition with new material that integrates adolescent and adult sex offenders, emphasizing similarities and differences in personality type, behavior, and treatment. This edition includes appropriate additions and changes in treatment techniques, progress reports on case study subjects, reader feedback on the first edition, and new information on religious personnel who molest children. The book is divided into two primary sections: identifying sex offenders and treatment of sex offenders. Each section begins with adult sex offender factors, traits, and treatments; cases at the end of section discuss the child/adolescent sex offender in relation to and comparison with what had just been discussed. Based on changes in sex offender personalities and their character, additions and changes to some of the treatment techniques have been made and are integrated where applicable in the book. Each individual aspect of the makeup and treatment of the compulsive adult sex offender, as well as the adolescent sex offender, whether in a residential setting or in private practice, is explored. The book discusses the many treatment techniques and their inception, the principles behind the techniques, their evolution as the population changed, and their successes and/or failures. Illustrations, appendices, and bibliography