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Test Results for Digital Data Acquisition Tool: ASR Data SMART version 2010-11-03

NCJ Number
Date Published
September 2012
222 pages

This document reports the results from testing ASR Data SMART version 2010-11-03 against the Digital Data Acquisition Tool Assertions and Test Plan Version 1.0.


Test results provide the information needed for developers to improve tools, users to make informed choices, and the legal community and others to understand the tools' capabilities. The testing found that the tool, SMART, acquired visible and hidden sectors from the test media completely and accurately, with the exception of the following cases: DA-08-DCO and DA-09. In DA-08-DCO, the sectors hidden by a device configuration overlay (DCO) were not acquired. In test case DA-09, some readable sectors that were near faulty sectors on the test drive were replaced by zeros in the clone that was created in the test case. The number of readable sectors missed varied between 6 and 206 sectors. SMART Linux live CD execution environment modified 88 sectors of the NTFS file system on the source drive used in three test cases. In another test case (DEA-02-SWAP), when cloning a source swap partition to a destination swap partition of the same size, the clone operation aborted without copying the last seven sectors of the course partition. When restoring the image of a swap partition to a destination partition that was the same size as the source, the restore operation aborted and did not copy the last seven sectors (DA-14-SWAP). When a source swap partition was cloned to a larger destination swap partition in test case DA-02-SWAP-ALT, the clone differed from the source by seven sectors. Seven sectors of the image file differed from the source when a swap partition was acquired to an image file (DA-07-SWAP). Extensive tables