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Survey of Select State and Federal Laws Providing for the Return of Victims' Property

NCJ Number
Date Published
August 2018
89 pages
A chart indicates whether the federal government and each state have any of three provisions of legislation that address the return of crime victims' property stolen by a convicted offender.
The three legislative provisions included in the survey are 1) the "timeliness of return references;" 2) "specific timeline for return;" and 3) "potential conditions imposed on return." The only provision in federal legislation among the three is "potential conditions imposed on return" of the stolen property. Only four states had none of the three provisions; however, even if a state or the District of Columbia did not have any of the three provisions specified in the survey, a second chart presents for each jurisdiction (federal, state, or the District of Columbia) any legislative provisions that in any way pertain to the return of stolen property to the victims.