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State Court Caseload Statistics, 2002

NCJ Number
Shauna M. Strickland; Brenda G. Otto
Date Published
247 pages
This supplement to "Examining the Work of State Courts, 2002" provides specific information about particular court systems, encompassing baseline information on State court structure, jurisdiction, reporting practices, and caseload volume and trends.

Court structure charts summarize in one-page diagrams the key features of each State's court organization, indicating all court systems in the State and their interrelationship and describing the jurisdiction of the court systems. The charts also provide basic descriptive information, such as the number of authorized justices, judges, and magistrates. The section of the report that covers jurisdiction and State court reporting practices for 2001 presents data on reporting periods for all State courts; methods of counting cases in State appellate courts; dollar-amount jurisdiction for original tort, contract, real property rights, and small claims filing in State trial courts; criminal case unit of count used by State trial courts; juvenile unit of count used in State trial courts; State trial courts with incidental appellate jurisdiction; the number of authorized judges/justices in State courts; and method of counting civil cases in State trial courts. Data tables are then presented for State appellate courts and for the criminal, civil, traffic, and other caseload types for State trial courts. Appended methodology, sources of 2001 State court caseload statistics, prototypes of State appellate court and trial court statistical spreadsheets, and State populations. 16 tables and 8 figures