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Special Supplement: Access Control

NCJ Number
Security Volume: 25 Issue: 4 Dated: (April 1988) Pages: 51-54,59-62,65-69,81-82,84,86,93-102
J Sanger
Date Published
24 pages
Access control concepts and products provide companies with a flexible approach to meeting changing security needs, provide a cost-effective means of controlling traffic and protecting assets from equipment to information, and increase employees' sense of safety.
Computerized biometric-based technologies have been incorporated in a variety of access and exit control devices. Such technologies may use signature verification, spectrographic voice analysis, fingerprint identification systems, hand geometry analysis, retinology, or a combination of these. Such control devices also may be combined with magnetic strip cards and video surveillance. Maximizing use of access control systems requires that their capabilities be matched with the company's security needs. Many systems offer such additional functions as information sorting and reporting, control of scattered sites from a centralized location, tracking personnel, monitoring security officers, tracking and controlling equipment and materials, attendance recording, and fire safety. Selecting the appropriate access control system requires administrative support, input from departmental management and system users, and evaluation of facility operations and needs and equipment capabilities. A glossary and product information guide also are provided.