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Skin vs. Steel: Go on the Offensive to Defend Yourself in an Edged-Weapon Attack

NCJ Number
Police Chief Volume: 30 Issue: 2 Dated: February 2006 Pages: 60-63
Alfred Giusto
Date Published
February 2006
4 pages
This article describes a technique for defending oneself when confronted with a knife attack.
The tactics described are for occasions when an officer is suddenly confronted with a knife attack before the officer has time to draw and fire his/her gun at the attacker. Even if an officer has time to fire and succeeds in hitting the attacker, the momentum of the attacker's lunge with the knife may still require an officer to use body tactics to prevent being seriously injured or killed by the knife. The tactics described in this article involves a martial arts technique called Bo Fung Do. It involves a simultaneous defense and offense against a skilled knife attack. The block-and-strike moves described are accompanied by illustrative photos. The article suggests repetitive practices of the moves with a partner until reactions are instinctive under a surprise attack. The recommended immediate reaction when under attack is for one hand to defend against a knife strike to the body while the other hand attacks the opponent's face. Instead of moving away from the attacker, the officer moves toward and against the attacker to incapacitate and control him. The article advises that in using these tactics, an officer can expect to be cut, but can prevent a fatal attack or multiple wounds.