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Sexual Harassment in America

NCJ Number
Laura W. Stein
Date Published
322 pages
This volume reproduces important documents that pertain to the definition of sexual harassment; sexual harassment in employment, in the military, and in education; new frontiers in sexual harassment law; and pertinent U.S. Supreme Court decisions from 1998.
Part I, "Defining Sexual Harassment," presents documents that explain how sexual harassment became illegal, as well as definitions of sexual harassment proposed by the government and by commentators. Part II, contains four documents on the prevalence of sexual harassment in employment, four documents on laws that prohibit sexual harassment in employment, seven documents on early sexual harassment cases, two documents on U.S. Supreme Court cases, one document on proving "unwelcomeness," and three documents on the legal responsibility for sexual harassment. Other documents in Part II consider remedies available in cases of harassment, evidence about the plaintiff's sexual history, same-sex harassment, special issues in hostile environment harassment, sexual harassment by government officials, and lawsuits brought by those accused of harassment. Documents in Part III, "Sexual Harassment in the Military," address the prevalence of sexual harassment in the military, military regulation of sexual harassment, and more recent military sexual harassment scandals. Documents on sexual harassment in education (Part IV) consider laws that prohibit sexual harassment in education, the development of the law against sexual harassment in education, the prevalence of sexual harassment in educational institutions, harassment by school employees, harassment by peers, same-sex harassment, when the very young are accused of harassment, and sexual harassment and academic freedom. Sexual harassment in housing and sexual harassment in other contexts are discussed in documents on "New Frontiers in Sexual Harassment Law" (Part V). Four documents deal with U.S. Supreme Court decisions from 1998. A subject index


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