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Resist if You Can - Sexual Assault in Denver

NCJ Number
S F Brown; K L Beyeler
Date Published
108 pages
Results are presented of a study of 696 victims who were sexually assaulted in Denver in 1981.
The Safety Office of Policy Analysis (SOPA) studied the police offense reports on 696 sexual assault cases. Each report was read, and selected data elements were extracted and analyzed. These elements included physical location, time of day, day of week, attacker's method of approach, degree of intimidation or threats, presence of a weapon and type of weapon, victim injury, and victim/attacker relationship prior to the offense. Frequently distributions and bivariate and multivariate cross-tabulation were generated in the analysis. Results indicated that the largest number of incidents (79 percent) occurred at night. Nearly half the assaults (48.1 percent) occurred in the home, with about 33 percent taking place in the women's homes and the remainder occurring in the attackers' homes. Weapons used in the attacks included fists, teeth, and feet. In nearly one-half the cases, however, attackers did not use a weapon. The results revealed that about half of the victims were 19 to 29 years old, and almost a quarter were younger than 19. White women predominated, with nearly equal numbers of Spanish and black females. Women who cooperated or who did not resist the assault in any way were more likely to report penetration, while those who resisted in some fashion were more likely to be victimized by some less serious assault. Twelve figures and 40 tables are included. See NCJ-96672 for related manual.


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