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Research, Crime and Justice in Europe: An Assessment and Some Recommendations

NCJ Number
T Jefferson, S Shapland
Date Published
250 pages
This is an overview of European research trends on various matters related to crime and justice.
The book examines trends in research concerning police, criminal justice, the penal system, victims, fear of crime, the creation of criminal law, private security, crime prevention, juvenile delinquency, drugs, and hooliganism. It combines overviews of current research knowledge for each of seven countries, with cross-national analyses emphasizing strong as well as weak points, similarities and contrasts, perspectives and handicaps in each research field. The national reports consist of: (1) The Production of Order and the Control of Crime in Belgium: Research in the 1980s; (2) Research During Crises, Research on Crises: Ten Years of Research on Order and the Control of Crime in Spain; (3) From Criminal Justice to Discipline: Order and Penal Control in France: An Assessment of French Research Since 1980; (4) Criminal Justice, Criminology and the Production of Order and Control: Trends in Research and Policy Since 1980 in the UK; (5) Report on the Production of Order and the Control of Crime in Italy; (6) A Decade of Research on Norm Production and Crime Control in the Netherlands: The 1980s; and (7) The Production of Order and Penal Control: Theoretical Issues, Empirical Evidence and Research Trends in the Federal Republic of Germany. References, bibliographies, notes