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"Rape from Afar": Men Exposing to Women and Children (From Qualitative Research in Criminology, P 91-110, 1999, Fiona Brookman, Lesley Noaks, et al., eds. -- See NCJ-180934)

NCJ Number
Rosalind Beck
Date Published
20 pages
This paper reports on qualitative research with female victims of indecent exposure.
The article discusses the appropriateness of qualitative methods to develop a women’s and victims’ perspective on an offense where convicted sex offenders have been the key informants to date. It argues that listening to people with experiences of such offenses will help develop an understanding of the motivations for such behavior and the real consequences for victims. The paper focuses on the rationale for using semi-structured interviews and focus groups and on the substantive findings to illustrate the value of qualitative methods in victim-focused research. Exposing is one expression of sexual aggression against women. Nevertheless, it is an offense often omitted in research using the concept of a continuum of sexual violence, an omission that implies it is a minor offense not worthy of attention. But this form of sexual attack can have a significant impact on women’s lives and can be interpreted as a message from the man that if he chose to he could also rape or murder them. It is therefore not a minor and “non-violent” crime against women and should be re-interpreted so victims are taken seriously. References