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Racine Security Management Project: Final Narrative Report

NCJ Number
Karen Albeck
Date Published
July 2002
8 pages
The goal of the Racine Security Management Project was to install a security system in an old high school (William Horlick High School) in Racine, WI, in a cost-effective manner; this final report on the project provides an overview of the issues that have impacted the project and its various components.
The project was particularly challenging due to the building's age (100 years old, with its most recent addition being in the late 1960's). Significant and creative retrofitting was thus required. The project aimed to develop a security system that would not compromise student, staff, and visitor dignity; would be highly automated but not require complex staff training or significant staff increases; would be user friendly for authorized persons while being intruder prohibitive; allow immediate egress from every exit in the event of an emergency; allow the school to be locked down completely; and provide instantaneous information from a remote location as well as from within the building. This report identifies and explains some of the problems confronted in the course of the project and how they have been addressed. Problems and obstacles have included wiring and installations according to code, modification of installation locations in accordance with building use, modification of walls and floors found to contain asbestos, inaccurate building plans, and having to work around various existing building components. Reasons for various delays are also discussed. Currently, all security installations have been completed at the school. Applications for variances have been submitted. Several inspections have already been conducted. As the variance process moves forward, a series of intermittent inspections will be conducted during the summer of 2002. If variance applications are approved, the system should be fully operational with the start of the 2002-2003 school year. A brief report is also included on the installation of security cameras at the Garfield Elementary School. For various reasons, the cameras have not been installed.