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Program Evaluation - Recidivism Research Involving Sex Offenders (From Sexual Aggressor, P 198-213, 1983, Joanne G Greer and Irving R Stuart, ed. - See NCJ-98468)

NCJ Number
F Tracy; H Donnelly; L Morgenbesser; D Macdonald
Date Published
16 pages
This study examines research pertaining to the recidivism of sex offenders, with particular attention to variables related to sex offender recidivism and a study of the characteristics of sex offender recidivists released from New York State prisons.
An overview of selected methodological issues in sex offender recidivism research focuses on the study population, criteria for recidivism, and the followup period. A review of research that identifies major factors in sex offender recidivism considers the factors of prior record of sex crimes, alcohol abuse, personality disorders and psychosis, and the relationship between victim and offender. The discussion of the New York study of sex offender recidivism, which involved 5,593 inmates released from State facilities in 1972, presents (1) findings on the reason for return to prison, (2) the definition used for the repeat sex offender, and (3) findings on factors distinguishing repeat sex offenders from sex offenders returned for nonsex crimes and nonrecidivistic sex offenders. The findings suggest that a core group of repeat sex offenders can be identified by using major variables pertaining to prior arrests for sex crimes, alcohol abuse, the presence of mental disorders, and patterns in the relationship of the offender to the victim. Tabular and graphic data from the New York study are provided, and 22 references are listed.


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