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Principles of Kinesic Interview and Interrogation

NCJ Number
S B Walters
Date Published
272 pages
This volume examines behavioral analysis theory and principles as a basis for interview and interrogation and is intended to assist police investigators in gathering information from victims, witnesses, informants, sources of information, and suspects.
The discussion focuses on the basic explanations for the behaviors that humans use when communicating with one another. It also examines the reasons that humans exhibit certain behaviors when under stress and when being deceptive. The first section explains the practical kinesic analysis phase, including basic kinesic guidelines and principles related to verbal quality, verbal content, statement analysis, and nonverbal behaviors. The text identifies and classifies behaviors for ready recognition by the interviewer in determining the probable truthful or deceptive behavior symptoms of the person being interviewed. It also provides background information on the reasons that particular behaviors may or may not appear. The second section of the text details information central to conducting the successful interview or interrogation. The discussion of kinesic interrogation covers stress-response states such as anger and depression, the kinesics of persons with psychoses or affective disorders, issues related to primary dominant personalities, and the practical kinesic interrogation. Figures, photographs, appended additional guidelines, index, and 71 references


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