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Police Systems of Europe - A Survey of Selected Police Organizations - Second Edition

NCJ Number
H K Becker
Date Published
251 pages
This book presents a comparative study of police systems in European countries.
A conceptual model is constructed to aid in the discovery of similarities and differences in the formal organization of the various police systems. The following characteristics are considered: organizational goals, the means to reach these goals, the monies directed to the police force and how they are spent, the model (on a scale from military to civilian), and the administrative process as it relates to centralization as opposed to civilian control. Political, legal, and cultural aspects are also discussed. The writer observed each system by participating in various types of police activities, such as walking the beat with an area policeman, patrolling in police vehicles, and becoming involved in police programs. Information was gathered on the characteristics of the participants, the setting, and the social behaivor. Beginning with a description of the objectives of comparative police systems, the text then explains advantages and limitations of the comparative method. Related literature is reviewed, and in-depth examinations of the Liverpool and Copenhagen Police Departments are given to illustrate the English and Danish police systems, respectively. Also outlined are comparative police organizations in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Organizational charts, data tables, footnotes, lists of selected readings, an index, and appendixes containing further information on the criminal justice systems are included.