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Police and Policing: Contemporary Issues, Second Edition

NCJ Number
Dennis J. Kenney, Robert P. McNamara
Date Published
317 pages
Since the publication of the first edition of "Police and Policing" in 1989, the amount of research being conducted on the police as well as public interest in the issues concerning the role of law enforcement has grown considerably; this second edition examines new issues and changes in law enforcement since 1989, drawing from the most recent and creative research projects in the field.
Six papers are presented under the category of "Managing Police Personnel." The papers discuss the validity and usefulness of measuring intelligence in screening police applicants; factors in supervising police; personnel performance evaluations in the community policing context; police work hours, fatigue, and officer performance; police suicide; and the role of religion in policing. Six other papers cover topics related to "Managing Police Organizations." The topics include tactical patrol evaluation; the methodology and findings of a national survey of pursuits and the use of police force; why investigative reforms are seldom permanent or effective; affirmative action, diversity, and law enforcement; citizen complaints against the police; and police institutionalized corruption. Four papers discuss topics pertinent to the "Impacts of Policing." These papers focus on the achievement of problem-solving in the community; barriers to community problem-solving; a national study of organizational factors that bear upon policing innovation; and crime-specific policing. Chapter tables and bibliographies and a subject index