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Penal Sentences in Switzerland, 1978

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93 pages
Trends in Swiss penal sentences from 1974 to 1978 and penal sentence statistics for 1978 are outlined.
Data derive from the Central Sentence Register of the Swiss Central Police Bureau. Statistics on convictions according to all codes indicate that there were 51,000 new convictions annually from 1974 to 1978, that juvenile crime rates sank by 17 percent, and that adult conviction rates began to rise after 1976. Between 80 and 85 percent of the convictions were for violations of criminal and traffic codes. In 1978 the number of female convictions rose after remaining constant for several years. Convictions of young adults (18 to 24 years old) has remained a constant one-third of all convictions. Convictions of foreigners dropped in the period. Of all penalties over the period 40 percent were fines and 60 percent prison sentences; two-thirds of all prison sentences were conditional. Of offenders convicted according to the criminal code, three-fourths were under 30 years old; in the older age groups, an increase in convictions was evident only for adult women (10 percent in 1978). The number of convicted foreigners rose again in 1978, and foreigners were sentenced to prison more frequently than Swiss. Almost 90 percent of the criminal convictions were for property crimes, with increases in this category for both men and women. Convictions for offenses against life and limb were in second place. Convictions on morals charges (usually against men) dropped, while document forgery by women increased 30 percent in 5 years. Prison sentences were imposed in three-quarters of the criminal code convictions; sentences were conditional for 90 percent of the women and 66 percent of the men. Supplied are extensive tables containing data on convictions of young adults, adults and juveniles according to the criminal codes and all other codes. --in German and French.