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Organized Crime

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This professional training program presents an overview of organized crime for police officers, criminal justice personnel, and others interested in the problem.
Definitions of organized crime are discussed; characteristics which exemplify many of the groups generally thought to be part of organized crime are examined. According to a report issued by the Department of Justice, organized crime involves an organized group to carry out its goals, but it does not include politically motivated terrorist groups. Organized crime is not synonymous with the Mafia, although various Mafia groups are an important component of such crime. The history of organized gangs in the U.S. is reviewed, with the observation that Prohibition gave the gangs their big opportunity. The beginning of the Depression saw organized crime move into new fields, such as drug smuggling, labor racketeering, and loan sharking. After World War II, gambling became a big moneymaker for organized crime. Other areas in which organized crime is involved are union acitivity, dealing in stolen goods, and sex-for-profit enterprises such as prostitution, massage parlors, and pornography. Finally, the benefits that organized crime derives from legitimate businesses are discussed. The kit includes an instructor's guide, study notes, quiz questions, slides, and a cassette tape.


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