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Ohio Courts Summary, 2001

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Date Published
188 pages
This report describes the Ohio Court system for the year 2001 through a series of statistical tables, figures, and graphs.
After providing a flow chart illustrating the structure of the Ohio Judicial System for 2001, this report describes the Supreme Court of Ohio, the Ohio Courts of appeals, claims, common pleas, municipal and county courts, and Ohio’s Mayor’s Courts. Following a presentation of the total number of new court cases filed between 1997 and 2001 in all of Ohio’s courts, this report details Ohio’s Supreme Court caseload. Focusing on the courts of appeals, this report provides a series of figures and tables describing overall caseloads, new cases filed, criminal and civil appeals, miscellaneous matters, domestic relations, juvenile, and probate appeals, and the average number of new cases filed per judge. After listing the overall caseloads handled by the court of claims, this report discusses the general division of the courts of common pleas, highlighting caseloads, professional tort, product liability, workers’ compensation, foreclosures, administrative appeal, complex litigation, and civil and criminal court cases. Focusing on the Domestic Relations Division of the Courts of Common Pleas, this report discusses overall caseloads, terminations of marriages, and domestic violence cases before focusing on caseloads, decedents’ estates and wrongful death, guardianships, conservatorships, testamentary trusts, and civil action cases under the Probate Division of the Courts of Common Pleas. Various caseloads and delinquency, unruly, dependence, neglect, and abuse cases within the Juvenile Division of the Courts of Common Pleas are detailed next in this report. Following the statistical presentations of caseloads, felony, misdemeanor, traffic, personal injury, property damage, and contract court cases handled by both the municipal and county courts, this report concludes providing definitions of the courts of common pleas, municipal, and county courts.