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Official Proceedings of the Fourth International Gang Specialist Training Conference August 15-17, 2001 Chicago, IL

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373 pages
This document contains the presentations that were given at the August 2001 Fourth International Gang Specialist Training Conference in Chicago, Illinois.
Twenty-three papers and presentations are contained in this document prepared by the National Gang Crime Research Center (NGCRC). The NGCRC is the only agency that prepares and distributes professional “gang profiles” for use in gang member prosecution. This agency regularly conducts independent research on gangs, gang members, and their influence on schools and private youth programs. All of the presentations offered in this publication involve training officials to recognize and interrupt gang activity. Some of the topics include the New Jersey response to Central American gangs, ritualism and criminal activities, officer safety issues when dealing with gangs, the connection between drug trafficking and gang activities, cult awareness, teenage Satanism, Asian street gangs, Asian female gangs, Asian gang tattoos and other markings, the connection between religion and White Supremacist groups, graffiti vandalism, and counseling gang members. Titles include “Cult Awareness,” “Magic and Critical Thinking Skills,” “ABC’s of Counseling Gang Members: Ethnic Issues in Work With Gangs,” “Diversity: How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich,” “Graffiti and its Vandalism Characteristics,” “Premises Liability & Gangs,” “Teenage Satanism, Goth, and the Occult,” “Gangs and Drugs: The Internet Connection,” and “The New Jersey Response to an Influx of Central American Gangs.” Some of the presentations in this publication are offered in Power Point format while others are offered in article format.