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At the Nexus of Cybersecurity and Public Policy

NCJ Number
David Clark, Thomas Berson, Herbert S. Lin
Date Published
151 pages
Following an overview of the essential and foundational role that computer networks have in economic transactions, infrastructure functioning, information transmission, and national defense, this book identifies the threats to individual and network cyber systems and emphasizes the critical importance of cybersecurity and how to improve it.
The first chapter, "Why Care About Cybersecurity?" emphasizes the critical and central place that computers have in most people's daily lives of work and social interaction and the significant adverse impact that corruption, abuse, and criminal use of computer systems has on people's lives. Chapter 2, "Some Basics of Computing and Communications Technology and Their Significance for Cybersecurity," explains the nature of the technology underlying the services and benefits provided by computer systems, as well as the significance of providing security against inevitable attempts to corrupt and misuse computer systems. Chapter 3, "On the Nature of Cybersecurity," provides a detailed discussion of the features and functions of cybersecurity. Chapter 4, "Enhancing Cybersecurity," explains ways to improve current cybersecurity measures. Chapter 5, "Tensions Between Cybersecurity and Other Public Policy Concerns," focuses on the difficulties of upgrading cybersecurity measures under budget constraints and the balancing of priorities for multiple public needs and services. The concluding chapter summarizes findings and conclusions. Appended supplementary information and a bibliography