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National Drug Control Strategy: FY 2001 Budget Summary

NCJ Number
Date Published
February 2000
280 pages
This Fiscal Year 2001 Budget Summary for the National Drug Control Strategy -- the companion volume to the National Drug Control Strategy, 2000 Annual Report -- details the resources requested by the President to reduce drug use and its consequences in America.
Overall, the Clinton Administration's drug control budget continues to support those programs that have been effective and introduces new initiatives to address specific drug treatment, prevention, and law enforcement needs. The budget supports the five goals and 31 objectives of the National Drug Control Strategy and is structured to make progress toward the targets outlined in the Performance Measures of Effective system. In total, funding recommended for fiscal year 2001 is $19.2 billion, an increase of $760 million over the fiscal year 2000 level of $18.5 billion, which includes proposed supplemental funding of $954 million to support Plan Colombia and drug control activities in the Andean region. There are major increases for prevention and treatment programs. An increase of $112 million will go toward drug treatment and supervision for drug-abusing inmates in local, State, and Federal correctional systems. The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign will receive a $10 million increase, and a $50 million increase will go toward the Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program. Targeted capacity expansion, the Substance Abuse Block Grant Program, treatment and prevention research, and community anti-drug coalitions will receive increases of $53.8 million, $31 million, $37.2 million, and $5 million, respectively. Major increases are also included for supply reduction in the areas of prison construction ($420 million increase); forward operating locations ($77.9 million increase); customs enforcement infrastructure enhancements ($112.5 million increase); and significant increases in the Coast Guard's Campaign Steel Web enhancements, Southwest border surveillance, and Drug Enforcement Administration law enforcement support and financial management. Extensive budgetary tables are provided.