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Multilateral Economic Negotiation

NCJ Number
Negotiation Journal Volume: 3 Issue: 2 Dated: (April 1987) Pages: 175-189
G R Winham
Date Published
15 pages
As a result of political changes and growing global interdependence, today's diplomats are more likely to find themselves involved in multilateral economic negotiations than in the past.
Multilateral negotiations require organizational and informational skills, leadership, and bureaucratic management skills. In addition, structural differences between bilateral and multilateral negotiations make the latter more complex and complicate the concession process. The task of understanding and analyzing economic negotiations will fall across several disciplines. The circumstances over which negotiations occur will have to be analyzed for empirical content, because the substance that is negotiated often structures the process whereby it is negotiated. In addition, the processes of cognition and communication will require analysis by psychologists and students of tacit and verbal communication. A trade simulation is provided to further illustrate the problems of decisionmaking in the complex and uncertain circumstances inherent in multilateral economic negotiations.


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