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Monthly Bulletin of Judicial Statistics, May 1980

NCJ Number
Maandstatistiek politie, justitie en brandweer Volume: 24 Issue: 5 Dated: (May 1980) Pages: complete issue
Date Published
48 pages
Dutch police, justice, and fire department statistics on offenses and nonindictable offenses, persons remanded to custody, police strength, bankruptcies, and fires for 1979 and early 1980 are presented.
National and local police reported 613,094 offenses, up 9.1 percent from 1978 (7.8 percent corrected to the population increase). The greatest rise was in drug offenses (78 percent). Among criminal offenses, pickpocketing rose 41.3 percent, burglaries, 14.1 percent, vandalism 14.0 percent, crimes against life and limb 14.0 percent, and simple theft 5.1 percent. Since 1975 crime rates have increases by 34 percent, led by vandalism (130 percent), pickpocketing (86 percent), and shoplifting (49 percent). The crime solution rate in 1979 was 31.4 percent, almost the same as in 1978; the crime solution rate ranged from 6.6 percent for pickpocketing to 86.7 percent for crimes against life. The number of suspected offenders apprehended was up 6.0 percent; crimes committed by male juveniles rose 3.7 percent and female juveniles 20.0 percent. Offenses reported by the Royal Marechausee (Military Police) were up from 8,193 in 1978 to 9,296 in 1979. Police reports were filed or fines paid for 2,921,000 nonindictable offenses, a drop of 8 percent. The Royal Marechaussee recorded 33,336 reports and 5,135 fines for nonindictable offenses in 1979, compared to 35,447 and 5,622 in 1978. In October, November, and December 1979, 2,092, 1,849, and 1,815 persons were placed in custody. The average strength of the national and local police was 188 per 100,000 inhabitants (compared to 183 in 1978). Statistical tables show the offenses and nonindictable offenses reported to the police and the Royal Marechaussee in January of 1980 and in 1979 by province, groups of municipalities, and crime types; and the strength of police. Fire statistics for January, 1980, are broken down by province, by the 17 largest municipalities, and by the kind of fire. Graphs trace the monthly course of offenses and of nonindictable offenses reported to the police from 1976 to December 1979, the increase of separate criminal ofenses since 1974, the course of criminal offense rates since 1976, and the monthly course of bankruptcies from 1976 to March, 1980. --in Dutch.


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