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Monthly Bulletin of Judicial Statistics, April 1980

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Maandstatistiek politie justitie en brandweer Volume: 24 Issue: 4 Dated: (April 1980) Pages: complete issue
Date Published
52 pages
Dutch police and justice statistics for various periods of 1979 and 1980 on offenses, fines, courts, white collar crimes, adoptions, shoplifting, bankruptcies, fires, and fire department assistance are presented.
Offense statistics list the general and nonindictable offenses reported in December 1979, to the police and the Royal Marechaussee (Military Police) according to province, groups of municipalities, and offense types. Police statistics indicate that in 1977, 1978, and 1979, 1,003,717, 1,206,142, and 1,159,025 fines were paid to the police in addition to the 2,076,812, 1,951,846, and 1,761,495 reports of nonindictable fines filed, and that for the same years 2,870, 5,622, and 5,135 fines were paid to the Royal Marechaussee. Court statistics for the first three quarters of 1979 relate to settlements by the public prosecutor in ordinary district courts, sentences imposed by judges in courts of first instance, and tax cases and criminal cases tried in military and military appeals courts. Data on application of the Economic Offenses Act for 1979, as compared to 1978, pertain to overall economic offenses, and treatment and settlement of cases in district courts and appeals courts. Legal adoption figures show adoption decisions in district and appeals courts for 1975 through 1979. Shoplifting statisics record 19,827 shoplifting cases in 1979, most of them in department stores. Shoplifting was most common on Fridays (19 percent) and Saturdays (17.3 percent). Shoplifting in department stores decreased from 1978 to 1979, although it increased considerably in Groningen. Of shoplifting cases in department stores, 76 percent were discovered by internal security personnel, who also initially questioned 90.8 percent of the suspects. Police received reports of 54.2 percent of the shoplifting cases. Popular theft items included clothing (21.2 percent of total), writing materials (9.6 percent), perfumes (8.2 percent), and hobby items (8.1 percent). Department store thefts amounted to 1,590,602 gulden and textile thefts to 249,566 gulden. Of the 23,974 suspects apprehended, 56.8 percent were men, 38.7 percent were women, and 49.2 percent were juveniles. Fires in December 1979, are tallied by province, municipality, and fire type; 1979 fire data enumerate fire accidents, fire types, object burned, province of occurrence, damages caused, insurance coverage, and fire cause. Data on assistance by fire departments in the first three quarters of 1979 list aid by province, municipality, object, and persons injured or rescued. A graph traces the monthly course of bankruptcies from 1976 to February 1980. --in Dutch.