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Metallic Handcuff Testing

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39 pages
This report evaluates the mechanical strength and resistance to corrosion of 17 models of double-locking metallic handcuffs, according to their compliance with National Institute of Justice standard 0307.01.
Only five models passed all the standard's requirements: the Peerless 10 ounce and Smith and Wesson models 90, 91, 94, and 938. Two additional models -- the Federal Laboratories' Federal Super and one from Fabrique National De Herstal SA (Belgium) -- passed the mechanical requirements but did not have serial numbers. Because serial numbers are important for inventory control, the report urges all manufacturers to add serial numbers. All manufacturers met the requirement that the handcuffs not exceed 15 ounces in weight. Only three exceeded the overall length requirements, and 53 percent passed the mechanical strength tests. Approximately half met the severe cheek plate tamper resistance requirements. All handcuffs showed some signs of corrosion after subjected to a 12-hour salt spray, and all had some minor flaws in workmanship. The report includes tables rating the 17 models, diagrams, and photographs.