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Medicolegal Investigation of Death - Guidelines for the Application of Pathology to Crime Investigation, Second Edition

NCJ Number
W U Spitz, R S Fisher
Date Published
643 pages
This revised and updated second edition contains comprehensive and authoritative information on the medicolegal investigation of death, along with guidelines for the application of pathology to crime investigation.
Designed primarily for forensic and general pathologists, police investigators, attorneys, and related professionals, this volume contains new sections on sudden infant death syndrome and chemical considerations of postmortem changes. A new chapter deals with the methodology and interpretation of toxicological procedures. In addition, the preparation of a medicolegal autopsy report and the formulation of a medicolegal opinion are discussed. The remaining chapters contain additions, updates, and alterations to material in the first edition which are required to bring the volume into line with recent scientific advances and current practices. Written by contributing experts, the chapters cover the history of forensic pathology, identification of human remains, forensic odontology, sudden death in adults occurring from natural causes, trauma and disease, thermal injuries, and blunt force and sharp force injuries. Firearms identification, ballistics, and aircraft crash investigation are covered as are mechanical injuries of the brain and meninges, sex crimes, and deaths from asphyxia, drowning, and drug abuse. The discussion of death in childhood deals with infanticide and the battered child. Gunfire injuries (gunshot and shotgun wounds), electrical and lightning injuries, and road traffic injuries are also examined. Each chapter includes appended references. Over 600 illustrations and a subject index are provided. For related entries, see NCJ 69731-47.