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Managing AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) Patients: The Healthcare Professional's Survival Guide

NCJ Number
J P Sulima
Date Published
24 pages
This guide for health care professionals who manage AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) patients discusses the nature of the disease, how it is transmitted, how hosts respond to the AIDS virus, how people can be tested for the virus, how to help an infected or potentially infected patient, at-risk groups, and how to protect oneself from the disease.
Basic facts about AIDS and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) include a historical overview, how the disease attacks the immune system, and special characteristics of HIV. In discussing the transmission of HIV, the booklet identifies routes of transmission and factors that increase the possibility of transmission. A review of the variations in host responses to HIV infection covers asymptomatic seropositives, AIDS-related complex, and full-blown AIDS. Descriptions of HIV antibody testing cover the Elisa test, the Western Blot Antibody test, future test improvements, test sites, and helping patients decide whether to take the test. Aspects of helping infected or potentially infected patients are risk reduction and support groups. After identifying high-risk and low-risk groups, the booklet discusses precautions for families and health care professionals. 17 organizational resources and 58 publications and other media resources.