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Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism

NCJ Number
D King
Date Published
415 pages
Lyndon LaRouche began his political odyssey from the far left to the far right in the 1940's as part of the Socialist Labor Party and since that time has organized a small but fanatical core group of followers whose influence is felt at every level of America's political process.
LaRouche has had frequent encounters with the law and has voiced his blatant anti-Semitism. He has also made outrageous accusations against prominent political figures, such as accusing the Queen of England of being the head of an international Jewish drug conspiracy and calling Henry Kissinger a Soviet spy. The portrait of LaRouche details his political activities since the late 1960's, reveals who supports his neo-Nazi activities and discusses why and where his financial support originates. The portrait also examines how LaRouche has been able to retain his power and exactly how and where he wields it. The book covers LaRouche's role in the 1968 student riots at Columbia University, his dealings with the Central Intelligence Agency and his input into the Star Wars program, his influence in the 1981 New York City mayoral election and the 1988 presidential election, his smear campaigns against opponents of certain political candidates (Edward Koch, Jesse Helms, and George Bush), his use of anti-Semitism and fascism to enlist more followers, and his connections with Teamster boss Jackie Presser and Panama's Manuel Noriega. References and photographs.


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