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Legislation on Crimes Against Children: 1987 Senate Bill 203, Relating to Crimes and Civil Offenses Against Children and Providing Penalties

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26 pages
This report presents the legislative background and major provisions of Wisconsin's 1987 senate bill 203, which pertains to child abuse, child sexual abuse, adult responsibilities in preventing child abuse, child abduction and custody, regulatory offenses, and statute of limitations.
The bill reorganizes existing crimes against children currently located throughout the criminal code into a separate chapter of the criminal code. It revises the crime of child abuse to apply to any victim under 18 years old, prohibits the intentional or reckless bodily harm to a child, and penalizes the failure of a responsible person to prevent bodily or emotional harm to a child. The bill allows for increased penalties according to the nature of the action and degree of harm inflicted. Penalties are enhanced if the abuse is committed by a parent or other person responsible for the child's welfare. It limits the privilege to discipline children, expands the scope of the current child sexual-exploitation statute and the incest statute. Other statutory revisions and additions pertain to child enticement, sex-organ exposure, exposing a child to harmful material, child abandonment, abduction, custody interference, and contributing to the delinquency or neglect of a child. New crimes are created for the possession of a dangerous weapon on school premises and the delivery of controlled substances near school grounds. The bill creates an extended statute of limitations for specified child sexual abuse. Appended list of materials produced by the Special Committee on Crimes Against Children.