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Law Enforcement Counterintelligence

NCJ Number
L B Sulc
Date Published
249 pages
This book examines intelligence gathering operations against law enforcement and the need for counterintelligence efforts.
The global expansion of serious crime is compounded by interlocking organized criminal enterprises in such areas as narcotics, arms, prostitution, extortion, fraud, counterfeiting, and money laundering. In addition to threats from international criminal enterprises such as terrorist organizations and drug cartels and their intelligence-gathering activities, American law enforcement is faced with hostile intelligence and intelligence-like forces on the domestic front. Biker gangs, racial extremists, certain cults, environmentalists, anti-abortionists, animal rights advocates, immigrant support and sanctuary movements, to name a few, also run intelligence operations against the police. This book defines intelligence and counterintelligence (CI), describes some serious threats to law enforcement, and provides examples of what CI must do to detect, identify, counteract, neutralize and, in certain cases, manipulate hostile forces. It also examines intelligence and CI efforts inside prisons, and counterterrorism and the internationalization of crime. Notes, appendixes, index