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Law and Order, Volume 59, Issue 6, June 2011

NCJ Number
Law and Order Volume: 59 Issue: 6 Dated: June 2011 Pages: 1-72
Yesenia Salcedo
Date Published
June 2011
72 pages
Featured articles in this issue address trends in mobile command centers, crisis solutions launched by Verizon wireless, emergency responses that involve mentally ill citizens, patrol response to hazardous materials, meth enforcement, women-specific police gear, and training methods for officer full-contact fighting.
"Trends in Mobile Command Centers" (MCCs) examines current trends as a guide to obtaining a MCC. "Crisis Solutions from Verizon" describes Verizon wireless' 2010 launching of the first large-scale 4G ALTE network in the United States. "Emergency Response and the Mentally Ill" explains the importance of officers being conditioned to view mentally ill people as not necessarily more violent than others. "Patrol Response to Hazardous Materials" instructs officers in recognizing the presence of a hazardous material during a call. "Meth Enforcement" instructs officers in procedures for staying safe when searching a meth lab. "Women-Specific Police Gear, Part 2" discusses gender-specific features for the following items worn or used by women police officers: uniforms, vests, footwear, duty weapon, patrol gloves, sunglasses, and expandable batons. "The Full Contact Officer" describes a number of training methods in full-contact fighting that are relevant to law enforcement and easy to implement. An article from the "On the Job" Department argues against attempting to renovate a used mobile command center (can end up being very costly) in favor of seeking grants that will pay for a professionally manufactured vehicle with desired features. Information from the "News" Department addresses recent activities by GLOCK, Inc. as part of its celebration of its 25th anniversary in the United States, expanded storage capacity for Data Watch Technologies, and DRS Technologies launch of an asset trade-in program. Other Departments provide information and programming on education, discipline, physical fitness testing, police equipment, an Advertiser Index, and the features of an electronic notebook.