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Kidnap and Extortion Security

NCJ Number
G J Kenna; S L Marley
Date Published
88 pages
This manual presents information and guidelines to help security officers design and implement comprehensive kidnap and extortion security programs for financial institutions. Such programs should ensure the safety of customers, employees, and family members; protect tangible and intangible assets; deter and detect crimes; and achieve the identification, apprehension, and conviction of criminals.
Focusing on risk assessment, chapter 1 defines basic terms (kidnap, hostage, and ransom) and discusses the origins and scope of the kidnap/extortion problem. Chapter 2 examines the perpetrators' goals in their efforts to outwit, con, and swindle victims. It describes common methods used to prevent communication between victims and supposed hostages. Chapter 3 presents guidelines to follow during an extortion telephone threat, emphasizing the importance of documenting the details of the call. Chapter 4, on kidnapping, outlines procedures to ensure residential security, precautions for family members to follow, and travel security precautions. It lists important personal security procedures that should be followed at the financial institution and briefly explains terrorism and elements involved in kidnapping. The final chapter on emergency preparedness covers risk assessment, development and implementation of a crisis management plan, the purpose of personal and family profile systems, and the importance of notifying law enforcement if kidnapping/extortion occur. Also discussed are insurance factors, the media, ransom payment considerations, and preparation of the ransom package. For related document, see NCJ-97190.


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