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Juvenile Disposition Manual 2002

NCJ Number
Date Published
142 pages
This document contains guidelines for the imposition of juvenile justice sentences in Washington State based on a determinate sentencing model.
The determinate sentencing model is based on the provisions of RCW Chapter 13.40, Juvenile Justice Act of 1977, as amended, which prescribes sanctions according to the offender’s age, seriousness of the current offense, and prior criminal history. The goal of the determinate sentencing system is to ensure that juvenile offenders who commit similar crimes and have similar criminal histories receive similar sentences. The presumptive sentencing standard range may be departed from if a court finds the presumptive sanction would be excessive or too lenient. Section 1 provides an overview of the guidelines and presents the instructions for the process of determining dispositions involving juveniles. Five sentencing options are provided: Option A presents the standard grid, Option B presents the chemical dependency disposition alternative, Option C presents the alternative for manifest justice, Option D presents the special sex offender disposition alternative, and the last sentencing guideline presents firearm enhancements. Section 2 offers a list of offenses, including an alphabetical list, a list of offense level, and a list by offense category. Each list presents an offense description, its level, RCW code, and JRA code. Section 3 presents the Juvenile Justice Act of 1977, as amended. Section 4 offers the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration Sentencing Worksheet, including worksheet instructions and the Juvenile Offender Sentencing Grid. Appendices present race codes and county court codes.