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Jury System

NCJ Number
M E Williams
Date Published
80 pages
The essays in this book discuss the benefits and the shortcomings of trial by jury and explore proposals for reform.
The 11 essays in this book examine many aspects of the jury system, including whether or not a jury should be balanced in terms of ethnicity, class or gender, and the use of peremptory challenges during jury selection. The essays offer suggestions and observations, often contradictory, to improve the system, namely: trial by jury should be abolished/the jury system should be retained; the majority verdict should be adopted/the unanimous verdict should be retained; peremptory challenges should be abolished/peremptory challenges should be retained; juries should be informed of their right to nullify the law/jury nullification should not be allowed; and selected racially based nullification can create justice/racially based jury nullification is not just. The book contains a list of organizations to contact for further information regarding the jury system and the legal system in general. Notes, bibliography, index


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