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Intermediate Treatment for Girls in England and Wales (From Growing Up Good: Policing the Behavior of Girls in Europe, P 158-176, 1989, Maureen Cain, ed.)

NCJ Number
A E Bottoms; J Pratt
Date Published
19 pages
This paper examines the level and type of "intermediate treatment" for girls and boys in England and Wales, with the focus on girls.
"Intermediate treatment" is a generic term for a range of provisions for juveniles who have been adjudged delinquent or in need of official care. The treatment is less restrictive than custodial care but more structured than supervision by a social worker or parents. Some examples of intermediate treatment activities are adventure holidays, evening discussions, alternative education, motorcycling groups, and community service. After detailing the history and characteristics of intermediate treatment, this paper presents data from a recent national survey to show that intermediate treatment for girls differs substantially from that for boys. The discussion holds that girls have always been a significant minority of the population receiving intermediate treatment, but that the various types of treatment have been male-oriented. The analysis presents reasons for believing that intermediate activities for girls will become proportionately more important in the future. Some significant and controversial contemporary issues relating to girls and intermediate treatment are examined, such as whether such activities should be provided in gender-specific groups and by women workers only. 6 tables, 11 notes.