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Integrated Treatment: The Self-help Factor (From Incest Perpetrator: A Family Member No One Wants To Treat, P 219-226, Anne L. Horton, Barry L. Johnson, et al, eds. -- See NCJ-121328)

NCJ Number
H Giarretto; A Einfeld-Giarretto
Date Published
8 pages
Since 1971, the Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Program (CSATP) of San Jose, Calif. has provided integrated treatment interventions for cases of father-daughter incest.
The CSATP rests on the premises that the child victim is best served if she can be returned to her own family and that accomplishing this requires that the family system change from an abusive one to a nurturing one. In addition, achieving this goal requires systematic collaboration among police, other legal and judicial personnel, social workers, therapists, and the family members themselves. However, contacts with more than 2,000 workshops conducted nationwide have shown that criminal justice personnel often view the family as beyond repair and thus do not act on the premise that the child should be returned to the family if possible. As a result, community-based programs following the CSATP model usually are initiated by social workers and therapists who have completed the 9-day training workshops conducted by the Institute for the Community as Extended Family (ICEF) in San Jose. Establishing a program begins through the formation of Parents United self-help groups and continues with involvement of family members efforts to convince criminal justice personnel of the advantages of the approach. This involvement accelerates both the family therapy and the process of CSATP development. 5 references.