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Institution and Parole Population and Movements Summary, November 1995

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These statistical tables describe California's prison populations, inmate characteristics, and parolees for November 1995 and each previous month through November 1994.
In November 1995, the State had a total of 135,106 prison inmates, which included felons, civil narcotic addicts, juvenile inmates, county diagnostic inmates, safekeepers, and other State and Federal inmates. This represented an increase of 9,264 over the previous November. The inmates included 125,977 male inmates and 9,129 female inmates. A total of 11,219 inmates were admitted and 10,842 were released during November 1995. The State also had a total of 94,174 parolees in November 1995, an increase of 5,817 over the previous year. The parolees included 85,476 males and 8,698 females. A total of 10,518 offenders entered parole and 9,433 were released from parole during November 1995. Tables