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Inflation of Crime in Russia: The Social Danger of the Emerging Markets

NCJ Number
J Backman
Date Published
115 pages
This book seeks to determine what constitutes the "Russian Mafia."
The book examines Russian organized crime from both Western and Russian perspectives. It is divided into seven essays, articles, and presentations that discuss and evaluate: (1) the post-Cold War vision of Russia in Western journalism, popular culture and research; (2) the implications of Russia's crime situation for Finland; (3) the emergence of a new society with new markets, the new business managers as part of the changing society, the significance of interpersonal relationships in business communities on the micro-level, the "markets of relationships" as a part of market-building in Russia; (4) the emerging markets from an inductive point of view, an alternative to the deductive approaches of neoclassical economics; (5) the tendencies of criminal policy in Russia, the interaction of policing with the crime situation; and (6) the most dangerous forms of crime in St. Petersburg. Notes, tables, figures, bibliography, index, appendixes