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Indiana Judicial Service Report Volume II, 2002

NCJ Number
Date Published
699 pages
This presents tables reflecting caseload information for every court in Indiana.
Following a brief introduction, a listing is presented of all trial judges and judicial officers for Indiana’s courts. A key is offered of all abbreviations for case types. The first section of tables presents information about caseloads, including cases pending, new filings, cases disposed, and cases pending. Information is also offered for transferred cases and venued cases. More new cases were filed during 2002 than any previous year. The filing of 1,883, 975 new cases represents a 4.7 percent increase over 2001 new filings and a 35.5 percent increase over the past 10 year period. The highest rate of increase occurred in the ordinance violence cases, with the largest number of cases filed for infractions. The second section of tables offers information about method of case disposition in all courts. Information about the numbers of jury trials, bench trials, bench dispositions, dismissed cases, guilty pleas, admissions, defaults, diverted cases, closed cases, and transferred out cases is presented. Taken together, Indiana courts disposed of 1,433,645 cases during 2002, which represents 76 percent of the total cases. Guilty plea/admission was the most frequent method of disposition, with 28.6 percent of cases disposed in this manner. Bench trials accounted for 6.1 percent of dispositions, while jury trials accounted for 0.14 percent of dispositions in 2002. The final section offers tables on other judicial activities, such as pro se litigants, death penalty cases, life without parole cases, and cases held under advisement. Volume I contains a description of Indiana’s judicial system and data on statewide totals and trend analysis. Volume III contains information about expenditures and revenues for Indiana’s courts. No narrative summary is presented in Volume II. Tables


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