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Indiana Judicial Service Report 2001 Volume III

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Date Published
197 pages
This third volume of the 2001 Indiana Judicial Report contains financial data on the expenditures of the State's courts and the revenues generated through their operation, as compiled in the calendar year.
The courts of record are funded primarily through county funds, and State funds pay for all of the judges' salaries and for senior judges' and some special judges' expenses. The counties may receive matching State funds for reimbursement for approved pauper defense services and for guardian ad litem/CASA services for abused and neglected children. Courts often receive grants and generate user fees that are expended on court services. All such expenditures, regardless of their source, are presented in this report. This report does not include expenses that were not directly related to the courts' operations, such as the prosecuting attorney's office and the clerk's office. Revenues are generated primarily from filing fees, court costs, fines, and user fees assessed to the litigants. This report includes various types of information concerning the fund collected by court reporters for the preparation of transcripts for hearings and depositions. The fiscal data show an overall increase in revenues and expenditures for 2001. Total expenditures by the counties, State, and local units on the operation of the judicial system increased 6.2 percent from 2000. The total revenues generated by the operation of all the courts increased 7 percent from 2000 levels. The counties spent $174,252,502 on the operation of the trial courts, and all courts generated $153,686,759 during 2001. Extensive tables