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Implementation of the Dallas Police Department Field Training Program

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165 pages
This manual of the Dallas Police Department's field training program addresses field training officer (FTO) selection and training, program management and operating procedures, evaluation guidelines, and recruit officer responsibilities.
In the program, recruits undergo 24 weeks of field training divided into three phases and supervised by three successive FTO's. The three phases are followed by a fourth evaluation-only phase (3 weeks). The FTO selection process allows all officers to apply, and the procedures as outlined ensure that only the most qualified and potentially successful officers will become FTO's. The manual also presents selection procedures for field training sector sergeants. The description of program management procedures encompasses the responsibilities of the FTO coordinator, recruit assignments and orientation, recruit phase rotation, FTO rotation teams, and division management. The presentation of program operating procedures addresses program structure and duration, remedial training, the evaluation process, recruit termination procedure, field training compensation, and the FTO monthly meeting. The training guide provided lists the recruit job tasks and the phase and week of training during which instruction is to be given on each task. The standardized evaluation guidelines define the proficiency levels in the performance of each task. The recruit officer's manual is included.