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Impact - Sexual Exploitation Interventions for the Medical Professional

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380 pages
This manual presents medical techniques and knowledge pertinent to medical intervention for sexual exploitation victims in the areas of identification, preintervention, the medical interview, examination, interface, and treatment.
Corresponding with each portrayal of intervention skills and techniques, a knowledge section is provided. The first section, entitled 'Index of Suspicion,' is a reference for behavioral and physical symptoms that should alert the medical practitioner as well as an outline for a referral typology. The corresponding knowledge section discusses myths and misconceptions about sexual exploitation and provides a detailed list of symptomology. The section on preintervention helps the medical practitioner plan for an intervention before actual patient involvement. The corresponding knowledge section profiles rapists and child molesters as well as the child victim and discusses the dynamics of denial and rape trauma syndrome. A discussion of skills pertaining to the medical interview is accompanied by information on introspection, the comprehensive medical interview, and a medical interview of the sexually abused child. A review of medical procedures for the examination of sexual abuse victims includes information on the gynecological examination of infants, children, and adolescents and the use of evidence collection kits. Medical interface skills pertain to referral and followup, with information provided on the dynamics and assessment of the sexually abusive family. The treatment section contains a quick reference treatment guide and a guide for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.