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History of Criminal Justice

NCJ Number
H A Johnson
Date Published
297 pages
This book provides a historical account of criminal justice.
The introduction discusses the definition of crime, human sources of crime, social factors, and punishment and ideas. Chapter 2 examines criminal justice in ancient times with specific references to homicide, sex offenses, theft, and criminal procedure and sanctions in biblical Israel, Athens, and Rome. Chapter 3 describes medieval crime and punishment before the Lateran Council of 1215. Chapter 4 picks up from the Lateran Councils to the Renaissance (CA. 1150-1550), with emphasis on the French Inquisitorial System and the English Jury System. Chapter 5 focuses on Criminal Justice and the English constitution to 1689 with discussions on religion, politics, and Criminal Justice, and the Civil War and law reform. Chapter 6 describes criminal justice on the North American colonial frontier (1607-1700) and discusses Virginia under military law and the Old Dominion and English Law. Chapter 7 discusses the Enlightenment and Criminal Justice with the birth of Penology, while Chapter 8 focuses on the American Revolution, Chapter 9 on Post-Revolution freedom and prisons, Chapter 10 on early 19th Century law enforcement, and Chapter 11 on turning points in constitutionalism and criminal justice (1857-1910). Chapter 12 discusses penology and corrections in modern America, and Chapter 13 the rise of criminal justice professionalism. The final chapters cover 20th century civil liberties. Endnotes, notes and problems, references, and index.


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