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Hearing on Drug Abuse Prevention and Education: Hearing Before the House Committee on Education and Labor, August 6, 1986

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159 pages
Witnesses before the House Committee on Education and Labor describe drug abuse prevention and education programs in Massachusetts, Missouri, and California in preparation for the committee's drafting of pertinent legislation.
Massachusetts' statewide Alliance Against Drugs involves school, police, and community cooperation in the implementation of a drug abuse education curriculum in the schools. Cooperation also covers drug enforcement in the schools and the development of a network of treatment facilities. In project DARE, the Los Angeles schools and police cooperate in presenting a comprehensive drug abuse prevention curriculum for fifth and sixth graders. Project Star in Kansas City, Mo., is a drug abuse prevention program for junior high students which trains them in skills for resisting the temptation to take drugs. Some suggestions for Federal involvement in drug abuse prevention education programs include the use of drug forfeiture assets to fund State and local drug abuse prevention programs, research to identify factors in youths' drug abuse, and technical assistance and financial aid for the development of drug abuse prevention programs in schools. Sample program materials and witnesses' written statements are provided.