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Guam: Drug Threat Assessment

NCJ Number
Date Published
August 2003
22 pages
This document discusses the status and outlook of the drug threat to Guam.
Most drugs are transported to Guam through the Guam International Air Terminal. Drugs are typically seized from passengers, baggage, and cargo. Guam’s location provides opportunities for Pacific Rim smugglers to transport drugs via maritime vessels. Open oceans and a lack of natural choke points offer an environment conducive to the transshipment of illicit drugs. Limited quantities of drugs are transported to Guam via package delivery services. Crystal methamphetamine is readily available in Guam, and abuse of the drug has increased over the past decade. Methamphetamine-related violence is a concern. Crystal meth is produced in and transported from the Philippines, as well as from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. Marijuana poses a significant threat to Guam. It is smuggled from the Republic of Palau or is produced locally. Locally produced marijuana generally is less potent than marijuana smuggled from outside sources and generally is intended for personal use rather than distribution. Wholesale distribution of the drug is limited in the territory and appears to be controlled by organized criminal groups. Heroin poses a minor threat to Guam compared with methamphetamine and marijuana. Abuse of heroin is limited, and abusers are typically tourists rather than residents. Cocaine poses a minor threat primarily because abuse of the drug is minimal and availability is limited. The cocaine abused is powdered cocaine; crack cocaine is not converted or abused in the territory. The small quantities that are available are transported there by individual users, generally tourists, for their own consumption. Other dangerous drugs, including MDMA, inhalants, and diverted pharmaceuticals, are a small but growing threat. MDMA is increasingly available and abused in the territory. Inhalants and diverted pharmaceuticals pose a potentially serious threat because of their ready availability.