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Gangland: Drug Trafficking by Organized Criminals

NCJ Number
M D Lyman
Date Published
218 pages
This book addresses the history, structure, and operations (particularly drug trafficking) of various organized crime groups in the United States and suggests legal tools and investigative techniques for countering such groups.
After examining the economics of trafficking in marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, a chapter reviews the history and operations of the Mafia, with the focus on drug trafficking. Another chapter describes the involvement of organized groups in various Latin American countries in drug trafficking that impacts the United States. Separate chapters cover organized crime in prisons, outlaw motorcycle gangs, Jamaican "posses," street youth gangs, and Asian organized crime groups involved in drug trafficking. The concluding chapter notes legal tools and suggests innovative investigative strategies for countering organized crime. Legal tools discussed include conspiracy statutes, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, and certain provisions of the Controlled Substances Act. Investigative techniques recommended are electronic surveillance to document agreements between known criminals, grand jury investigations, the use of informants and the witness protection program, and the use of asset forfeiture. A series of glossaries addresses organized crime terminology and the location of various organized crime groups. 34 references, subject index.