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Florida Parole Commission Annual Report, 1997-1998

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30 pages
This is a report of the Florida Parole Commission’s achievements during fiscal year 1997-98 and an overview of the Commission’s role in Florida’s criminal justice system.
The report presents information in 13 categories: (1) History of the Commission; (2) Commissioners’ Vitae; (3) Commissioners’ Year in Review; (4) Office of General Counsel; (5) Office of Inspector General; (6) Division of Administration; (7) Clemency Administration; (8) Office of Executive Clemency; (9) Division of Operations; (10) Retirements; (11) Commission Awards; (12) Commission Directory; and (13) Organizational Chart. A notable case during the year was the Cooper decision, which involved eligibility criteria for Conditional Release, a program for violent and repeat offenders. After that decision, the Commission recalculated the maximum post release supervision date for each of 11,500 inmates, resulting in shortened periods of supervision, immediate releases from incarceration and the dismissal of some warrants. The Commission joined with the Florida Sheriff’s Association in apprehending and re-incarcerating 678 releasees who had violated the conditions of their release. An additional 1,600 arrests were made for new and related charges. Figures, tables